The Mimic Method (Project Free Flow)


Welcome to Project Free Flow! My name is Idahosa (pronounced ee-DOW-ssa) and I’m the creator of a language learning approach called The Mimic Method. I used to make money by selling online courses, but I recently decided to make all my content free. So I’m dumping all the content here and continually updating and organizing it. You will need to make a new free account to access the material. From time to time I run live cohort trainings. To stay in the know, just create a free account and you will be added to the mailing list. If you purchased any Flow Series program or Elemental Sounds Masterclass, you can find all that content below under "Old Courses" For my most recent stuff, check out the syllabus for my last cohort training under "Flow School 2", or follow along with my newest cohort at “Flow School 3”. Talk soon! 🌊 Idahosa

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