The Mimic Method (Project Free Flow)


Welcome to Project Free Flow! My name is Idahosa (pronounced ee-DOW-ssa) and Iโ€™m the creator of a language learning approach called The Mimic Method. I used to make money by selling online courses, but I recently decided to make all my content free. So Iโ€™m dumping all the content here and continually updating and organizing it. Itโ€™s all a mess now, but order shall soon emergeโ€ฆ. From Sep 21 - 24, I will be developing and discussing my new curriculum in a series of free, live webinars. If this interests you, go to "Full Curriculum" below to learn more. Otherwise, go to "Content Archive" to access old content, or "Flow School 2" to check out the content from my most recent cohort training.