The final aspect of articulation to be aware of is the way that the air flows out of the mouth or nose. In the videos below I talk through all of these ways. In phonetics, we have technical terms for these different “Manners of Articulation,” such as “fricatives, stops, trills, laterals, etc.” But the terminology doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you have a sensory awareness of all these different ways. After you learn them, combine this awareness with your awareness of tongue/palate placement and voicing to try to come up with different sounds. The solo-exploration will build you an even more solid foundation upon which to build your command of the sounds/movements in your target language.

Direct Flow through the Nose

Direct Flow around sides of tongue

Stop, Buildup & Release the Flow

Narrow the Flow with Turbulence

Narrow the Flow without Turbulence

Buildup & Release the Flow into Turbulence

Use Flow to Flap or Vibrate an articulator