Coach’s Corner & #ask-idahosa

Through 1:1 calls, self-recording videos and our conversations in campfire, I get a better sense of what people are struggling with and come up with more ideas on how to help people through those struggles. From time-to-time, I’ll put these ideas into videos and drop them here in the “Coach’s Corner.”

Coach’s Corner

1/24 Cleaning up 4 Tongue Corners Drill
1/24 How to Use this Course without being Overwhelmed
2/4 These are not assigments, they’re tools
2/11 How to apply the “Flow Channel” concept to Lyrics Training


Batch #1

Does it matter which accent of the language I train these techniques with?

I am currently in Mexico. Does it matter if I learn from content on youtube made by Spaniards vs Mexicans? I assume the accent is a little different and how the sentences are structures but I don't know if it's a big difference or not.

What is your opinion on practicing multiple languages at once?

What is your opinion about studying and/or practicing more than one foreign language at once? I am doing Flow School 3 for French, in preparation for at trip to France at the end of May. I am going to Puerto Rico for 4 days at the end of this month (last few days of January). My Spanish is more advanced than my French—I used to be fluent when I studied abroad in Argentina, but it's been years since then, and I am rusty, so I have been listening to some Spanish language podcasts to brush up on my Spanish. Will this interfere with my study of French for Flow School 3? In the past, when I tried studying French and Spanish simultaneously, I would slip into Spanish when trying to speak French because my Spanish was stronger. How do you personally maintain your fluency in multiple languages without mixing them up?”

What if my native language isn’t English?

Can I use this course if my native language is not English, but I am using the vowel chart, phonology system of my native language when I compare it to my target language's sounds?

Should we put a time frame on our practice sessions?

This feels like TM. I feel like I am in the same area of the brain as when I am meditating. Transcendental meditation. With TM I only go for 20 minutes a set. Should we set a time frame for this?

Is it a good idea to use Audacity while studying this program?

I sometime us Audacity to listen to the recordings. It helps me to focus on problem area’s and get each syllable. Is that a good strategy when following your programme?

Batch #2

What do you mean by “Hyperlexia”?
Is it better to practice listening to kids shows vs natural speech in adult shows?
Is the visual waveform in Audacity useful mechanism for feedback on pronunciation?
Will there be “Minimal Pair” practice materials?

Batch #3

Does the Mimic Method incorporate the concept of “collocations”?
When can we incorporate written input and output into our foreign language learning?