Watch The Divided Brain (20 min)

The videos below deal with the hemispheric differences in the brain. The first video is about a man whose two hemispheres were surgically severed from each other. The second two videos are about a woman who had a stroke in her left hemisphere, and had a massive personality transformation as a result. My experience has taught me that relaxing the left hemisphere and activating the right hemisphere is the key to entering conversation Flow in a foreign language. Shifting your attention away from letters, words and grammar (left hemisphere) to movement, mimicry and musicality (right hemisphere) is part of that process. These videos below will give you some sense of how and why this process works.

Watch The Magic of Music

Moving forward, we are going to use songs as tools for mastering both the movements and the meanings of our target language. In the video below, I summarize the major differences and similarities between music and language. Then I explain why the combination of the two in lyrical song presents the ultimate practice arena for the language learner.

Practice Sync Your Body with the Lyrics

You are going to engage a very powerful process for developing both your movement and meaning flow in your target language. Since movement comes first, with the meaning emerging from it, the first step is to entrain the natural flow of movement into the muscle memory of your articulators. To perform this quickly and thoroughly, you will need to engage everything you learned in the first part of this program. First you will sync with the timing of the syllables, then you will sync with the melody, then finally you will sync with the whole articulation. You will start with the slow version of the audio to ingrain high quality movement, then you will practice at full speed.
"Pies Descalzos"
"A Vida Toda"
"Presente de um Beijaflor"