"Presente de um Beijaflor"

Before you start training, be sure you watch the video and listen to the whole song at least once in its entirety. Here is the Youtube link.

The Process

General Tips

  • Always keep eyes closed
  • Attend to the REALITY of sound and movement, not to the ABSTRACTION of words and meaning
  • Imagine the speaker speaking through you
  • Always keep yourself open for adjustment & adaptation

Order of Steps

  1. Listen first to the entire song, attending more to the melody and movement than the meaning.
  2. Starting with the slow audio, sync your mind with the syllable timing
  3. Clap your hands with the syllable timing
  4. Silently sync your lips with the syllable timing
  5. Segment each note of the melody in your mind
  6. Sing the melody along with the speaker, using just “ba” or “ma” syllable
  7. Segment each syllable and phoneme, making sure to guess and test each one
  8. Untoggle “transcription” to check Nuria’s segments
  9. Listen segments until you clearly hear everything
  10. Sync your mouth movements with the singer WITHOUT vocalizing
  11. Sing a long fully with the singer
  12. Move to full speed audio, and first silently sync without vocalizing
  13. Fully sing along with the singer at fast speed
  14. Alternate between singing along and singing solo to hear where you’re off and refine
  15. Don’t move on to next line until you’re happy with your full speed version

Line 1


veʒ - ʒas - sɔ - an - nɛv - vwa(b) - b&ɐ̃ŋ(k) - ka(k) - kis - sai

Line 2


%ɪt* - t&ai - zu - bɐ̃ - bu - zaʊ

Line 3


se - &a - ki - ɛ - la - mi - faiz - bẽ

Line 4


o - se - &a - ki - mi - faiz - maʊ