Timing & Awareness

Deadline for first submission - Friday @8am EST

Submission Instructions


Practice syncing your body (hands, lips or tongue), with the syllables of this Finnish audio. When you think you’ve got it, record yourself performing the activity. When you are satisfied with your recording, submit it for feedback on how precise your timing is.


First watch the “Coach’s Corner” Video I made on this 4 corners exercise. Then self-record yourself moving through all 4 corners in both directions, as I demonstrate in the example video beneath the coach’s corner. I will give you feedback on two things: 1) The stillness of your tongue, jaw and velum, as well as the constancy of your vocal pitch (i.e. the isolation of your tongue movement) 2) The accuracy of your tongue positions (are you reaching the 4 corners, or is your tongue middling?)

Coach’s Corner

Example Self-Recording

Note what I’m doing, then do the same in your video. Do NOT play my video at the same time as your recording - just perform the movements on your own on a full screen selfie-view.