W2 - Team Accountability Structure

The Idea

For this week, we're not going to be scoring on grounds of quantity of output. The scoring will instead be based on completion, consistency and connectedness. What I want is for you to:

  • Expose yourself at least once to ALL the ideas and techniques (Completion)
  • Reflect daily on your experience (Consistency)
  • Get to know as many of your teammates as you can (Connectedness).

Getting to know your teammates is the most important focus this week, as much of our future activities will be centered around Communal practice. Communal practice will help us tighten up our pronunciation and speaking technique, AND the communal moral support will be critical in working through the fear obstacles that lie ahead. So the more we get to know each other now, the more we all get to Flow together in the future.

How to Meet with People


As you discovered last week, trying to schedule a specific time for 5 people to meet can be a headache. What works easier is to just ping your group to see who's around in the moment and setup an ad hoc meeting to see who can attend. Then over time, you will see on the chart who still hasn't met, and then 2 or 3 person meetings can more easily be arranged.. On the call be sure to cover the basics:

  • Where you from, what's your experience and goals with the language?
  • What was your experience with last week's curriculum?
  • What questions do you have about this week's curriculum?
  • When do you plan on doing the work? What obstacles do you face?

Then once that's out the way, spend a few minutes playing any of the icebreaker games below:

Face P-I-G 🐷
Facial Melody Mismatch 🥴

Before you finish the call, elect someone to take a funny-face screenshot of the attendees, then post to the #intentions channel.

How to Perform and Report the Activities


Again, the goal this week is completion, not quantity. I just want you to know about the ideas and techniques, so you can start building the habit of doing them all the time for fun. Here's how to engage the material for this week

  1. Do the exercise and post in the instructed channel (#learn, #apply, #practice)
  2. Try to meetup 1-to-1 or in small group with your teammates.
  3. Before 9AM EST each day, post the following in the #reflection channel
    • The new activities you completed (eg "1A, 1B, 1C, 2A")
    • The new teammates you met (eg "BL, AP, LN")
    • A reflection on your experience with the activities, the teammates, and/or in general

Your Flow Facilitator will ONLY check the #reflections channel for credit. Check your team's spreadsheet to make sure all your activities, reflections and meetings have been recorded, then let your FF know if anything is off.