Team Accountability Structure

Our goal this week is to collectively master as many fine-motor movements in the face and mouth as we can. Each team has a google sheet displaying all the movements. Each team member must first go through and Audit the movements they "Already" can do and the ones they do "Not Yet" have down. Then as you master new movements throughout the week through practice, you will return to the sheet and change the "Not Yet" to "Breakthrough!" As you make attempts, be sure to share your videos back to your group to keep them updated on your progress. For the movements you can't get yet, find out which teammates can already do them and get tips from them. For the ones you can do, find the teammates who can't do them and share your tips. Beyond that, you will also want to meetup with as many of your teammates as you can to help each other practice, and post daily reflections. You can track these things in the "meetups" and "reflections" tab of your team sheet. There is no external scorekeeper this week; each individual is responsible for updating his or her own entries. We are testing this model in preparation for next week, where you will be attempting to collectively master the pronunciation of each target language sound.