Part 1: Conversation Games

1A Conversation Games Introduction

Any time you are in conversation with someone, there is a goal you're trying to achieve, and constraints on how to achieve it. In other words, there is a "game" being played, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. It's important to cultivate awareness and intention of what game you're playing, for various reasons that I describe in the video below. We will use this "Conversation Game" framework for now on to think through all our issues when speaking our target language in conversation. After watching the video, share your three biggest takeaways to the #learn channel.

1B Intention, Action, Reflection

Our goal moving forward is to have as many conversation experiences as we can, and to get the most we can out of each conversation. To achieve this second goal, there are three things you absolutely must do: 1) set clear intentions for the conversation, 2) follow through on those intentions, and 3) reflect on the experience afterwards, so that you can better inform your next intention. In the video below, I discuss this three-part loop in more detail. After watching it, share your 3 biggest takeaways to the #learn channel.

1C Filling out a Game Report

Before each conversation you have, write out your intentions and share them to the #intentions channel. If you are unable to do this for any reason, at least write it down for yourself, or say it clearly out loud or in your own head. Then do your best to follow through on that intention while you are in the conversation. Then to close the intention—>action—>reflection loop, use the template below to fill out a conversation Game Report, and share it to the #reflections channel. In the video below, I talk through each element of the Game Report and how it's designed to optimize your learning Flow.
Game Report Template

The Setup

Briefly describe who was in the conversation, where the conversation was held, how the conversation came about, and how long it lasted.

The Events

As objectively as you can, describe what transpired in the conversation. What topics did you cover, and what if any important developments occurred?

The Emotions

How did you feel before, during and after the conversation? Describe the main positive and negative emotional reactions to the events, and the thoughts associated to those emotions.

The Goals

What was your explicit intention entering into the conversation? Based on your emotional reactions, what might have been your implicit expectations? The Performance

How did you perform against your explicit intentions? How about your implicit expectations? How well did the challenge you set for yourself match up with your skills. How was your follow through? And what factors do you think most contributed to your follow through, or lack thereof? What other aspects of your performance stuck out to you? New Knowledge

What new words or expressions did you pick up from this conversation? What new facts about the world or your conversation partner did you learn?

New Insights

What has this experience taught you about yourself and the process of spoken language acquisition? What surprised you? What do you find yourself more curious about?


What aspect of this whole conversation experience are you most grateful for?

New Intention

Looking forward, what generally do you intend to focus on for your next conversation game?