[14] Palate

The final Tactile Discernment skill is to discern the touch points on the roof of the mouth, or the palate. The palate has fewer touch receptors than the tongue, so the sensation may be vaguer at first. But if you follow the same process, you will develop greater discernment, which will help you find the sounds of your target language much easier. Follow along with the video, and take note of the points that remain unclear to you. Then incorporate an exploration of this space in your spontaneous practice. When you’re done doing the task here, post a reflection to #completions.
This concludes Part 2. Do not worry if you have not mastered all the details of this section. In Part 3: Phonemes, we are going to learn how to articulate each and every sound in your target language. While you do this, you will be exploring the feelings we covered here, but in an applied context. So feel free to return to this section for a refresher.
Mimicry Fundamentals