[26] Rhymes

The video below is from a course I made on how to freestyle in any language. It gives a comprehensive overview of what a rhyme is and all the different types of rhymes.

Rhyme Stacking

In the video below, I demonstrate how to build a Rhyme stack by analyzing the poetry of a song. This activity is a fun and effective way to prime your ears to the phonemic and syllabic patterns of your target language in the context of speech. It also increases your capacity to retain and recognize new vocabulary. In the video, I use a free software called Audacity to get a better grip on the song audio. You can learn how to incorporate audacity into your language practice here, but you can also just use youtube or any other media player that allows you to adjust the speed.

Freestyle Rhyming

This next activity is a continuation of the last. Once you have a list of rhyming words, practice saying them out loud to a musical beat. Even though you’re just listing out random words, the combination of musicality and rhyme will create an aesthetically engaging experience that is both fun and effective for networking your brain for fluency. Just be sure to not “read” the words out loud in your native pronunciation, but instead get into character and attempt to say the words the exact way a native speaker would. After you’ve attempted this activity, share your experience in the #completions channel.
That concludes the lesson on rhymes. Click the link below to proceed to the next lesson.