[27] Process

The Process of Adaptation

For the rest of this program, you will spend a lot of time synchronizing your mind and body to the same set of looped audio phrases. This process of paying close attention to details, and repeatedly attempting to match the details perfectly IS the secret sauce of this program. Our goal is not to memorize (i.e. “acquire”) these phrases. We’re just using these phrases to adapt our ears, mouth and mind to the deeper patterns underneath the phrases. We’re also developing our general capacity to pay attention and mimic, which transfers to our ability to learn any language. The first video below elaborates on this point. Then the second video is from an older program, where I demonstrate why most language learners can’t comprehend fast speech. Take the exercises in this final part seriously, and you will see a massive improvement in your listening comprehension by the end.

The Flow Channel

Another important part of the process is disciplining yourself to stay in the Flow Channel, which is the place where the challenge matches your skill and your positive emotion is maximized. Outside the flow channel, we experience negative emotions, which will poison our practice both in the moment and in the long term. Watch the video below for a deeper dive on the Flow Channel, and be sure to remember it as you continue training in this section.