[30] Echoing

Echoing Melody

Now that you’re primed to melody, it’s time to practice applying it to the real world. Use youtube videos on slow speed to practice echoing. Do as much of this practice as you, seriously striving to get a more authentic melody accent. Then when you’re in the real world, try to cultivate the habit of attending to the melody layer when people are talking, and mimicking it under your breath. You can do this in any language, including your native one. The more you adapt your brain to this layer, the more facility you will have with comprehension in the long run. Practice and share in the #completions channel.

Slurry Blurry

In this video, I introduce a speaking mode called “Slurry Blurry”. In this mode, you relax attention on the consonant articulation, maintain most of the vowels, and focus primarily on the melody, rhythm, body movements, and persona energy. Because the consonant articulation is the most complex, it takes a lot of our energy and slows our flow. By slurring and blurring the consonants, this allows us to flow without getting tripped up. Watch the video below to learn more, then give it a try.
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