[10] Lips

The next articulator we want to gain more motor control over are the lips. As before, we first want to develop Lip independence, which is the ability to move the lips without moving the tongue. There are certain combinations of tongue and lip position that will feel very awkward to your brain, and you will unconsciously want to move your tongue out of position. So you really need to take the process seriously and spot check yourself with a mirror when possible. The first video explains what’s happening with the lips. The second video lays out the process for gaining lip independence, and third video shows the task you are striving for, to demonstrate you have gained full lip independence. After you’ve watched each video and attempted the process, post a reflection in #completions and then move on to the next exercise. You don’t need to master lip independence right away, just need to be familiar with the process so you can continue to practice it spontaneously. When you feel you’ve made a breakthrough, post a recording to #recordings and our team may give you some feedback.

[11] Larynx