[11] Larynx

The “Larynx” (colloquially known as the “voice box”) is the organ responsible for creating our voice in speaking and singing. In the first video, I show the larynx both on the anatomy app, as well as “in vivo” through a nasal endoscopy video. The control tasks here should be easy for the most part. But later on, you may encounter difficult activating your voice during certain consonant sounds in your target language. Familiarizing yourself with the feel of this organ ahead of time will help you through that later challenge. After you’ve watched the videos and performed the task, share a reflection to #completions. And if you can fully perform the laryngeal actions in the demo video, record yourself doing it and share it to #recordings.

Laryngeal Actions

  • voicing
  • increasing pitch
  • lowering pitch
  • whispering
  • Opening (inhale)
  • Closing (stop & plosive)
[12] Velum