Assessment #4: Rhythm Syncing

It is difficult to know whether you are doing things correctly without external feedback from someone who knows better. If you are a Flow School student, follow the instructions below to record and send us your first assessment. We will then watch you recording, identify your errors, and send you a video showing you your errors and coaching you on what to do to fix them. If you are not a Flow School student, and wish to know more about this type of coaching, learn more here.

Recording Instructions

For this week’s assessment, you’re going to perform a Syncing exercise. You will clap catching each syllable of the slow audios syncing your body with the rhythm of the sentences. Remember to treat each syllable as its own. Read the recording instructions below.

Recording Notes

  • Be sure to play the native audio on your speakers with no headphones. That way we can hear BOTH you and the audio at the same time with no digital latency.
  • If you can’t get it to work on your speakers, try playing the audio on a second device (phone, tablet, laptop).
  • Do at least 3 loops for each audio, and no more than 6.
  • For clapping, make sure to hold your hands up so we can see them - this makes it easier for us to see if you’re on time.

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🇵🇹 Portuguese
🇧🇷 Brazilian
🇺🇸 English
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