The Method

The Natural approach came to us naturally as children. But as adults, we have to approach with a more structured and rigorous process. As you will discover on this page, The Mimic Method is the MOST rigorous process out there, and that is why our students have so much success. In this extended video, I walk you through our process for developing your hearing, pronunciation and core mimicry skills. I start by sharing the story of how I connected music training to language training as the inspiration for this method. Then I go under the hood on our program and give you an in-depth tour of our training materials. Don’t worry about remembering all this information. The main purpose of this video is to open your mind about how deep this practice can go…

The Conversation Game

Once you’ve developed your ability to mimic native speakers in your target language, the next step is utilizing that ability to improve your conversation. Again, our academic training has deluded us into thinking that conversation skill can be developed by studying theories. In reality, conversation is a game, and like any other game, we can only get better by playing the game and playing to win. The Conversation Game, as we call it at The Mimic Method, is a deep game. And we are continually developing new models, tools and techniques to help you improve your game. You can discover these by yourself by training with us, so I won’t go into detail on them here. Instead, I’ll show you a conversation coaching sessions with a new student in Spanish. In the video, I demo some of these models, tools and technique in a real context. It’s not a comprehensive overview of what we offer, but it does give you a taste of how this approach to conversation training is way more effective and engaging than the academic one.

Looks fun right? Ready to give this a try yourself. Don’t worry, this intro course is almost over, which means it’s almost time for you to start flowin with the training? But before you do that, I’d like to give you a sense of what really motivates us at The Mimic Method. For us it’s about more than mere language, it’s about something more profound. Click below to learn more about…
The Mission