[7] Outer-game

Aspects of the Game

Now that we have a sense of what the game is and how it develops, we can drill down a level and look at the different aspects of the game. In this video I break down the three aspects and how they interrelate.

Breaking Down The Outer Game

The Outer Game deals with our objective performance in the Arena. Since the main arena we’re playing in is the social arena, the main goals we’re looking at our social interaction goals. And since what matters most to us socially is social bonding, it’s important to get clear on what our social bonding goals are and what we can do to realize them despite our lack of linguistic ability. After watching the video, reflect on the questions below and share your answers to the #completions channel for credit.
  • What situations do you imagine yourself conversing?
  • Who are the people in the conversation?
  • What logistical goals would you like to be able to fluently achieve with these people?
  • What types of relationships would you like to have?
  • What are your best strategies realizing social goals in native language?
  • How can you apply these strategies in the conversation game, without changing your same speak skills.


An under-appreciated aspect of the conversation game is being able to charm people without speaking much. This is a super useful ability to rely on while you’re still developing your ability to express yourself in a smooth way. Practice this skill in conversation in your first language, then see how you can apply the various techniques while speaking your target language.
After you’ve attempted charming in context of your target language, share a reflection on the activity to the #completions channel. Then move on to the next lesson.
[8] Inner-game