[8] Inner-game

Breaking Down the Inner Game

The Inner Game deals with the thoughts, emotions and beliefs operating in your psyche. If your inner game is weak, you will always struggle in the outer game. But if you do things to specifically improve your inner game, then you will notice your outer game naturally get better, since you’ll be more comfortable and in flow. After watching the video, share a reflection on your inner game challenges in the #completions channel for credit.

[8A] Slowing

Most speakers get nervous and speak fast. But did you know you can make yourself less nervous by intentionally speaking very slowly. When practicing with partners, you can switch to “slow mode” and get yourself settled into the flow of the language and conversation. Then once you’re calm, you can gradually return to a more normal speed, and you will find that both your inner game calm and outer game performance will be much improved. After attempting the Slowing Game, post a reflection in #completions for credit.

[8B] Slurring

The sister mode to Slowing is Slurring. Slurring is about speaking fast and lively while leaving consonant articulation by the way side. Because consonants require the most effort and precision to articulate, you can focus your energy on getting into character by removing them from the equation.
After you’ve attempted this technique, post about your experience in the #completions channel for credit.

[9] Meta-game