[9] Meta-game

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  • Metagame is about how you play the game
  • BJJ subgames example
  • Flow Channel relevance
Subgame elements
  • Sub Arenas (contexts)
  • Sub Players (Roles)
  • Sub-Goals
    • quantified stats - umm counter
  • Sub-Constraints
    • Game modes - slow motion, slurry blurry
Mini Games (need better name)
  • Mini-games are distillations of subgames, extracted from the real arena
  • sports examples - horse
  • Situational sparring is a form of mini-game
  • other person doesn’t need to be aware
Exercises vs Mini-Games
  • Game is in some form of arena, where arena is defined as that which is outside control of the agent
  • Exercise is outside of arena, because everyhing is controlled by player. So no chacne to develop situational awareness, responsiveness
  • Exercises are useful, but no replacement for games.
  • Mini-games are flow channel step from exercise to mini-game, as long as there is some form of unpredictability. Develop responsiveness, participatory knowing

[10] Engagement