[3] Playing

The Actor’s Mindset

Playing games are fun, but that doesn’t mean they’re frivolous. The term “Serious Play” refers to the act of fully committing your mind, body and spirit to the role you’re playing. The academy award winning actor or actress can be regarded as the prime example of someone who knows how to engage in serious play. Your success in the conversation game will be in large part determined by how well you emulate that mindset.
After watching the video, post a reflection to #completions for credit.

[3A] The Agreement Game

The imitation game wasn’t a real conversation, since you didn’t exist as your own separate person in the interaction. The argument game was a back and forth interaction, but it didn’t make much sense at the higher level since there was no overall sense or coherence to what you guys were arguing about. The Agreement game is the first game we will play that actually functions like a real conversation. Your partner will imagine herself in some setting, and start sharing observations, opinions and suggestions from that perspective. Then you will agree to everything she says, both the idea itself, as well as her attitude toward it. Among many other things, this game trains a very useful social skill of being an engaging listener in a conversation, even if you’re not 100% certain of what’s going on.

Arena & Roles

  • Arena Two persons face-to-face, on video call or in real life.
  • Declarer Shares observation, opinion or suggestion in dramatic way.
  • Agreer Agrees with whatever the agreer says, even if doesn’t understand.

Goals & Constraints

  • Declarer’s goal is to speak at level matched to agreer’s skill level.
  • Agreer can’t say no to anything, has to agree no matter what.


  1. Agree
  2. Agree + Ask
  3. Agree + Ask + Add

Skills Developed

  • Attentiveness/Responsiveness
  • Social fluency
  • Impressionability
  • Word Familiarity
  • Native Self-Identification

Variables of Challenge

  • # of words/syllables/clauses
  • Speed, Spacing & Blending
  • Complexity of Vocabulary/Grammar


After playing this game at least once, share your experience with it to the #completions channel for credit. Then move on to the next lesson.
[4] Sufficiency