Conversation Games pt. 1

Team Meeting Agenda
Screenshot of completed content. 5 points for each video watched
Story Stax Freestlye
  1. Create spreadsheet with 5 columns - characters, actions, objects, settings, details
  2. Fill out the columns with the English words you know you know in target language
  3. Put on metronome or music, then self-record freestyle stories using those words, focusing on Flow over Eloquence.

(Optional) Choose a context to speak in, or piece of media to describe

Video Recording of at least 2 minutes
Play a conversation game (20 points)
  1. Plan a conversation and set goals for it
  2. Prepare for conversation (Scripts, Story Stax)
  3. Enter the conversation and take screenshot or photo
  4. Focus primarily on achieving goal(s)
  5. Fill out a Game Report and post to the #apply channel
Game Report Template

Context - Speakers: - Length: - Setting: Goals -x -x -x Performance -Goals achieved: -Goals not achieved: Observations -What happened in conversation - What happened in my head New Skills/Knowledge -New words/expressions -New ways of expressing -New facts Reflections - What went well - What can be improved - What I might focus on moving forward Questions -x -x -x

Full report with screenshot/photo. 20 points for each documented conversation.